A Small Note on Body Jewelry

Just a quick weekend update to tide you over until I can gather up the pictures of last week’s dissection.

I was actually inspired to start this blog by some friends over at an old LiveJournal community about stretched ears. (If you’re reading, hi guys! Thanks for the idea.) I was posting about how, sadly, after seven beautiful years of being together, I had to tell my stretched ears that we are never, ever, ever, ever getting back together. I’m documenting the process of their closure, which will be available on a more relevant blog.

Over the years, I’ve had a few different piercings. They’ve gone in, they’ve come out. I have some tattoos, only two of which are easily visible (if I’m wearing short sleeves), and I will have to keep them well hidden during work hours. I’ve always been a big fan of piercings, because when you don’t want them any more, you take out your jewelry, et voila! You’re left with a tiny, easily concealed hole, as long as there were no extenuating circumstances such as rejection or hypertrophic scarring.

It’s worth mentioning that the first day I met the head of the MOS department, he told me to go visit one of his old students who works at a popular funeral home (who also, ironically, helped assist at my best friend’s father’s funeral), but after, and only after, I took out the “face tackle”. My academic adviser told me at our meeting that there was no delicate way to put it: the piercings have to come out. The stretched ears have to go. If I’m serious about this and I want an internship at a respectable funeral home, they’ve just got to go. So my ears? They went. The piercings I plan on taking out around Christmas, when I have to start calling up and visiting funeral homes to try and establish myself as someone they would want to have do free labor in their business.

The long and short of this post is that I implore you, young padawan learner, if you want to go into the death industry, try to keep the face tackle to a minimum. A classy stud in your nose that you can take out without a big scar? Great idea. Stretching your labret to a 0? Not so much. And think about your tattoos!!! If I could go back and slap 19 year old me for getting a tattoo on her wrist, I definitely would. That means long sleeves for me, come hell or high water. And the one on my leg? Pants and stockings. Mm yes. Stockings. Every woman’s mortal enemy.

Just think about it, if you want to go into the biz. If you decide you want to be a social worker instead, most of those places are actually really cool about that stuff. I taught second graders sign language with blue hair and a septum piercing.

In more exciting news: CAITLIN DOUGHTY, of Order of the Good Death and Ask a Mortician fame, read my blog. SHE READ IT. And she liked it. I haven’t mentioned why I went into the field (that’s for a later, much longer post), but the short answer is Caitlin Doughty made me want to go into the death industry and spread death positivity and bake fake cremains into a cake for the sake of the internet. Eep! Fangirling like a boss over here.

Catch you cats later!



~ by mementomorissa on October 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Small Note on Body Jewelry”

  1. Hello!

    Interesting post. I too am a Mort. Sci. student, going on 2 years (BA degree in my neck of the words).

    My university also gave everyone the dreaded Talk; profesionalism, and strikt conformity for student image sake. Funny enough, my whole graduating group is known as the Tackle Gang.
    I have no body modifications besides my 00g lobes. (Luckily I did’t have any tattoo urges at 19) : >

    Nobody has ever noticed them before (I use gem fronts), but I am thinking of removing them anyway, just in case, and too for the upcoming internships.

    Was wondering how the closing process is going with you?

    Good luck on your upcoming second semester~!

    P.s.: Star Trek is da bomb 😀 What category are you rewatching for 3x? TOS is personal favorite.

    • I am actually, as I’m sitting here, wearing regular earrings right now! My ears closed up from 5/8″ to about a 2g. I have to wear the big satellite backs to keep them from falling out but I can wear most big earrings like pearls and large gems. You can still see where I had the vertical labret and lip piercing on my lip but everything is gone.

      I’ve watched the movie from 2009 like five times. I don’t really watch the show or anything because the one episode I watched of TNG had Whoopi Goldberg and a weird Ren Faire vibe to it and I got weirded out. I’m more of a Stars Wars/Doctor Who/Firefly kind of girl.

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