Bad Weather Update … Again.

For those of you not living in the northeast US, be extremely thankful. Snow started falling yesterday and today everything is covered in at least five inches of cold, cruel insanity. I normally wouldn’t be awake this early on a Thursday, but our RA made an announcement to move our cars from one lot to another and then I had some chemistry work to do so I figured what the heck? I’ll make a blog post.

Afternoon classes got cancelled yesterday, which was extremely frustrating. Our A&P lab starts at 1 and ends at 3, and we figured “Cool, we’ll go in for two and a half hours and call it a day!” Plus we were supposed to be dissecting hearts yesterday. Back when I was a little girl, my first career choice was cardiovascular surgeon, so hearts and blood vessels will always have a neat little place in my heart. Rather wisely, my teacher called off lab because the road conditions were getting worse, so I have to make up lab tomorrow or Monday.

What I did manage to do yesterday is get a tentative schedule! Yay! It’s packed, totally and completely stuffed full of science classes and a seven hour Monday, but I got all the classes I want and I’ll be all set to start embalming in the fall. For those of you reading this blog out of morbid curiosity, embalming class is to mortuary students as a blow-off participation credit is to Jeff Winger. We’re all itching to get into embalming class, we all want to do it, and we’re all crazy about doing it. While reflecting as to why this is, I think it’s because it’s the real defining part of being in school to be a funeral director. Not everybody’s job entails embalming someone. It’s special for us. Plus, so many people come to school just so they can embalm and that’s it. (Though not all funeral directors embalm anymore, as I’ve mentioned previously.) I could have taken embalming next semester, since I’m done with the prerequisites and all I’m taking are the co-reqs, but I decided to put it off because next semester is going to be so busy for me and I really want to be able to devote a good portion of time to it.

For those of you wondering: There are no cadavers on campus. I think we have one body on campus at some point for the merchandising class (or maybe the management class?) to have a mock funeral, but don’t hold me to that because it might just be an empty casket. We drive off-site for our embalming classes.

It’s a slow news week this week, guys. I’ve got a paper to work on anyway. (Three papers, actually.. oy vey, where did the semester go?!) Catch ya’ll later!



~ by mementomorissa on November 8, 2012.

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