Thanksgiving Break!

The time to ingest copious amounts of roasted fowl is nearly upon us, and I’ve packed up most of my necessities and will be heading home to spend the week with my family (dog included) and friends, and hopefully finishing up my work for National Novel Writing Month! Woo! My roommates and I just got finished cleaning the apartment for our upcoming school hiatus. It.. was much dirtier than anticipated. I plan on taking the rest of the week off from blogging so I can get some rest and, more importantly, a jump on two projects I have looming over me. Ugh.

So in this season of thanks, let me take a few moments to say what I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful for the opportunities given to me to attend college and pursue my dreams. I’m thankful for my loving and supporting family and friends (especially at those times that I talk about plugging up corpse’s unmentionables during polite dinner conversations, so so sorry guys and I love you so much it’s insane). I’m grateful for my wonderful, chubby, cuddly dog. I’m thankful for my amazing roommates (yes, Allie and Caroline, here is your inevitable shout out. Honorary shout outs to Brianna, Megan and Channing for also being wonderful). I’m thankful for the wonderful people in the business who have imparted upon me the knowledge to pass on to the next generation of morticians to be. I’m thankful for my hard work paying off, classmates who make sassy comments with me in the back of classrooms, classmates who let me have my private freak outs about low grades, and especially the classmates who call me clever. And I’m thankful for all you wonderful readers! Thanks for helping me break the 1k view mark! Special mentions to Liz, for keeping my sanity intact and being the best de-facto sister a girl could ask for.

See you next week, kids!



~ by mementomorissa on November 19, 2012.

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