Hogwarts: A Retrospective

I meant Lincoln.

No I didn’t.

Ahem. Anyway. As I sit here in my Star Wars jammies, about to rewatch Star Trek for the third time (I find myself fascinated with Warp Drive and dilithium containers, is that weird? Don’t answer that.), it occurs to me that I should probably provide closure for the semester, now that final grades are in. The verdict? I passed everything with flying colors, except for accounting, which I passed with perhaps one waving banner and a celebratory glass of bourbon. For those of you who follow my twitter, you will remember the amount of times the class as a collective had prayer circles for that class to be cancelled and threatened mutiny or a staged walkout. My current GPA is a 3.74, which is probably the highest it’s ever been in my entire life.

So ends my first semester as a mortuary science student. I’ve always been something of a nerd, and despite the myriad of adventures planned for break, I’m counting down the days until I get to go back to apartment J and yell about toilet paper usage and relocate spiders and study until three in the morning. Watching Netflix until the wee hours of the morning with no book laid open in front of me is sort of hollow, I think. I miss being busy, being challenged, always something to do, some cup of coffee waiting to be sipped, some paper left to be written, some chapter to take notes on. Being home and being back to marginally employed as a freelance writer for a comedy website (don’t look me up, I haven’t published anything and so have yet to be paid) has left me with very little stimulation. Hence the pajamas and rewatchings and spending a lot of time thinking about sushi.

I had a wonderful semester, possibly the best one of my industrious college career, and certainly the most meaningful one. I’m working towards something that I love, something that I want. Despite the small dramas of living on a very small campus and the minor border clashes of being forced to live with five complete strangers, I would say that my time at Lincoln has been well spent. Ever the overachiever, I’ve started working out a schedule for next semester beyond just class time. I despise night classes because I like doing my work at precisely the times class is scheduled for. My brain is most active just as the sun goes down, and instead of pouring that activity into doing homework or taking notes, I have to be in class. Mornings and I don’t get along very well.

In an attempt to save you some brain power from reading what will, no doubt, continue to be a garbled mess of thoughts, let me close by saying that I had a rewarding semester and I made some amazing friends and I have no compunction whatsoever about recommending my school to anyone who wants to go into the death industry. (Doc, are you reading this? Yes, I’m baiting you for extra credit next semester.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday and you guys got all the goodies you dreamed of.



~ by mementomorissa on December 28, 2012.

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