Yes. Yes it is.

I’ve been working my tuchus off the past few weeks and I finally have some positive things to share with everyone! YES!

So last week in micro lab, while I was staining B. cereus cells (don’t worry, I made approximately 2,000 puns in the span of about ten minutes) and scraping plaque off my teeth to also stain (I freaked out and asked my teacher if I could leave to brush my teeth upon viewing the insane amount of diplococcal and streptobacillus bacteria floating around in my mouth), my pathology teacher emailed to inform me that he had nominated me for an emerging leader initiative hosted by the school. My first reaction was “I’m not interested in joining your super-secret boyband haha” and then it was “OMG WAIT WHAT.”  My pathology teacher reminds me of the eleventh Doctor; all dancing around and putting his face on walls and NEEDLESSLY SHOUTING AT US for emphasis on things that don’t seem important. He is, without a doubt, the largest resource of good advice and academic help that I have ever had the privilege to encounter. I absolutely adore him and I’m absolutely gobsmacked that he nominated me for this recognition. It’s a sort of formal sit-down lunch with the president for excellent students that show exemplary leadership qualities. I take this as a large compliment and am currently allowing it to inflate my ego beyond the bounds of what’s probably considered acceptable.

But wait! Much like Jeff Winger’s, my own ego will probably hit critical mass any day now (though I doubt I’ll wreck a bar mitvah, honestly) because: I’ve also been invited to join the Phi Beta Kappa international honor’s society. OH SNAP. For a $65 fee, I get a membership card (which I plan on whipping out and rubbing in the faces of any person or persons who ever told me I wouldn’t amount to anything), a fancy seal on my diploma, and a posh cord to wear during graduation. Please just imagine me making a completely inappropriate pterodactyl screech and rolling around unceremoniously on my bed weeping. 

In somewhat less exciting news, I’m picking my classes for next semester sometime in the next week and applying for jobs at a few funeral homes. Less than two weeks to spring break, kids! AND I CANNOT WAIT.

Best to all,



~ by mementomorissa on February 26, 2013.

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