Ain’t we got fun?

No definitely not. It’s finals week, are you nuts?


I completed my first final of the week today. It was brutal. For studying, my roommate and I went through half of the questions in the compend on Restorative Art. (For the record, “half the questions” means 500.) In honor of my completion of the class, I figured I’d share with those of you who don’t follow me on twitter my completed facial sculpt.

It’s pretty bad.

I mean. His mouth is really small.



He turned out too skinny and his ears are crooked. But man, I spent a lot of time spraying that wig only to chop half of it off..

I’ll have another update with more substance as soon as I finish finals. Phi Theta Kappa induction this Thursday! Most excited. Until then, kids, I have a lot of microbiology to be studying. Sigh.


~ by mementomorissa on May 7, 2013.

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