The Long Update

“My goodness,” I thought to myself as I logged on to WordPress this evening. “It’s been so long since I updated that the site’s forgotten my login!” 

Sweet mother, I am sorry, blog family. It has been a heck of a semester. If my first semester at LCNE was a pleasant cruise with good music and good food and lovely cabinmates and we all sailed into port and exchanged numbers and made plans to see each other again, then my second semester was like the stranded Carnival cruiseship with the human excrement in the hallways and on the decks and everyone just a second away from knifing one another and bad feelings all around. It was painful to get through it. I can’t pin an exact reason down, honestly. The start of actual mortuary classes on my part, the stress of everyone in the program and my apartment, and the looming graduation of my wonderful roommate probably all played a part. (Yes, Megan, WE ARE DESOLATE WITHOUT YOU. Why did you do this to us?! You’re not allowed to grow up without us.)

I survived the semester, and, more importantly: I survived my first year at mortuary school. 

What a trip.

May marks the one year anniversary of my landmark decision to switch majors and dramatically change my life. I know everyone is (presumably) sick and tired of my introspective weirdo posts, so I’m going to just keep this short. 

I recently decided that, since May happened to be the month last year that I made a dramatic choice, this year I would take a step back and evaluate my choices, for better or worse. This is a product of all that human services training; we all had to get down to the nitty gritty of our lives and really look at ourselves, even the parts we didn’t like. I know some of you may have noticed that my Twitter feed has trickled down to almost nothing (for me, at least), and it’ll probably stay that way. I’m trying this new thing where I stay off most social media. (Come on, guys, I’m 23. You know I have a Twitter and tumblr and a Facebook and a Google+ and a lot of other accounts I probably forgot about.) I’m an adult! I’m an active participant in my own life! Summer is REALLY BORING WITHOUT A JOB. Don’t question the relevance of that last sentence; when nothing is happening to you, there’s nothing to mindlessly update about. The only exception will be this blog, which I will actually attempt to update more

I’m aware that this blog has become less of a “mortuary student” blog and more of a “oh man oh geez college is HORRIBLE” blog. But that’s kind of the point. I mean. College is stressful and time consuming and utterly soul crushing, but it’s rewarding too. It’s totally awesome that everyone who reads this is interested in what it takes to be a mortician, but it’s also really rad that people who go to, say, art school or major in finance can read this and relate and roll their eyes and be like, “Oh man my professors totally do that too.” And that, in and of itself, is kind of a big revelation. Like yeah I go to school for something ostensibly weird, but it’s really just. School

There’s a phenomena that occurs when you go to school for mortuary science. Up at school, talking about death, embalmings, types of mortuary wax, and whacky medical examiner’s office stories is expected. No one bats an eye. But get off campus and it becomes a huge deal. My friends and I scared a group of children at a Dairy Queen talking about dead people because we had no concept of it being taboo. And that’s where most of the previous paragraph up there comes in. Death is actually a thing that happens. Mortuary science is a thing that people go to school for. We’re people too. (Albeit most of us are a little stranger than the average human specimen, but that’s neither here nor there.) College is college and yes, MOS as a major is tough. I think what I’m trying to get at here is that we really need some death positivity up in society. I remember when it was all cool and fun to be like “YEAH I GO TO SCHOOL TO PLAY WITH DEAD BODIES” and watch the myriad of reactions from the people I told. But now I try not to even bring it up. The gasps and the “WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE BLOOD” and the “So you’ve actually touched a dead person” stuff got old quick. I still want to talk about what I do (you guys know that, I love talking about this stuff) but it’s not the coolest thing in the world anymore.

I have no idea where I was going with this entire post. I’m strung out on too much BBQ. 

I’m going to bid you all adieu before I type myself into a corner.


~ by mementomorissa on May 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “The Long Update”

  1. I actually found myself looking up what it takes to become a cremationist yesterday and kind of freaked myself out a bit, haha. I was like NBD I could totally do that WHAT AM I DOING no it’s okay everyone dies BUT WHY WOULD I WANT TO BURN THEIR BODIES no it’s a good job BUT ITS SUCH A WEIRD JOB


    Anyway do you have little freak-outs ever? Like suddenly do you realize “I’M TOUCHING A DEAD BODY!”? haha

    • Oof, I’m going to be honest here and say this: I’ve only done one funeral. But occasionally, when I’m reading through one of my textbooks and they’re talking about sanding down teeth or breaking jaws or something I’m like “Holy jesus, they mean ON A HUMAN. WHAT.” My roommate has more of these freakouts than I do. Like we were drilling for her embalming class and she got this glazed look on her face and was like “Man, we really have to touch dead people.”


      We really do.

  2. This is why i come here.. Thanks 🙂

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