Some general updates.

Mostly a post to let you know that I haven’t been spirited away and I still stay up until four in the morning.


I hope everyone is having a really great summer. I’ve tried to maximize my fun-quotient in between classes since this will be my last summer off ever; lots of beach trips, going to the movie theater to see the same movie more than once, sleeping until noon. You know. The life. I also tried somewhat desperately to get a job. I applied everywhere I could, pretty much. I guess most places just don’t want a funeral director in training to be flipping their burgers. At this point, summer is half over and no one in their right mind is going to hire me for a few weeks anyway. What can you do!

I had my first meeting in an official capacity regarding my position (come fall) as a resident assistant. That should be new and exciting and different. I’m mostly excited to have a paying job. As you all should remember, I have a book coming out in about a month! So if you’d really like me to not live off microwave meals for the next six months, help a future funeral director out and buy a copy.

I made a few changes to the blog regarding layout and the “About” page. I don’t look one thing like the picture I had up there, so I dated it and added another one. (Selfie nation, amirite? Don’t answer that.)

So I hope everyone is doing really well. If any of you are at Comic Con, do me a favor and get me an autograph from Chris Evans? I’m wearing a Captain America shirt AS WE SPEAK.



~ by mementomorissa on July 21, 2013.

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