Internships (And Other Woes)

Hello everyone! As proto-deathling and good friend Bethany likes to tell me, I’ve been seriously neglecting the blog. I promise you that I have extremely good reason to! It’s only the third week of classes and I’ve only just gotten a chance to relax today. (Seriously.)

My grandmother passed away the week before my RA training. I tweeted about her quite a bit, if you’ll all recall. She was a lovely woman, but she was old and very ill. Her service was wonderful and I got to chat with a bunch of the funeral directors, who all wished me luck. It was, actually, not an altogether unpleasant experience. (Though apparently my niece asked my sister if anyone was going to get into the casket with grandma, and my mother tripped on the church stairs. This being the same church she got married in, I asked if it was history repeating. She swatted me with a prayer card.)

RA training was basically a series of mornings waking up way too early to eat munchkins and talk about write-ups and what to do in case of various crises. Then we moved the freshmen in. CHAOS. Then the returners came. More chaos. Classes started. The book came out (not available on Amazon yet, I know. I’m slacking. But I’m busy!). I founded the Rainbow Alliance club and joined Mortuary Club. I’m on duty from 7 to midnight on Mondays, and it doesn’t seem like a long time but boy, lock yourself in a booth for five hours with just an embalming textbook and a walkie for company and you’ll start to go bonkers real quick!

Embalming class was cancelled tonight, so I went home for the day. I decided, after listening to many woeful tales of people supposed to start their internships three weeks ago still scrambling to line something up, that since my resume is complete, I felt confident enough to start cold-calling funeral homes to look for an internship. I called three funeral homes who promised to call back (probably not the smartest idea to call during standard funeral hours, but hey), and on the fourth: behold! A miracle. One of the directors happened to be in, and told me to gather my paperwork and call him next week. Bring him my paperwork, call up, come in for a meeting and then he’ll try and talk me out of it. Har. Not the point! The point is, I pretty much have my internship. 

I’m pretty excited about all of this. When I see Doc on Thursday, I’m going to have to ask him for some paperwork. 🙂

[As a fun aside: I met a freshman who asked me if I knew about a blog called ‘The Mortuary Student’. I asked him why, and he said that he emailed “the girl” and asked her about the school and she said it was tough but worth it. I started laughing and he asked me what was up. When I told him that it was me, he didn’t believe me because I look nothing like my picture! I showed him my WordPress dashboard and he was baffled. The universe is so small.]


~ by mementomorissa on September 17, 2013.

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