Embalming Class Update!

So I went to go see Doc today and I learned a few things. One of them is that he is scary, and the other is that the revisions to embalming class are not what I originally thought.

In addition to knowing every detail of my personal life better than Cersei Lannister ever could, Doc explained to me that thinking that he would just throw us into an internship with no hands on experience was “stupid” and “How can we call ourselves a mortuary science program if we don’t properly teach you embalming? Come on! You’re smart!”

The skinny is this: the lab was done away with because it was cumbersome to have ten to fifteen students working on one body. Since the lab has been done away with, embalming is now worth 3 credits. And since the total bodies being embalmed during your internship went up from 10 to 20, one credit was added onto the internship class. In addition to the extra credit reflecting the increased number of bodies to assist on, the embalming during an internship will be counted as the lab, and one more credit will be added to the course, bringing the total credits for the internship course up to 5. Doc explained it thusly: It’s much easier to learn when you’re one on one with the embalmer at the internship than to try and crowd around and jockey for position among the rest of the class, and the increase in difficulty will be reflected in the increase in credits towards your degree.

Now, I’m still a little skeptical about this. Coming from a friend who’s a little further into the program than I am, the embalming class with the current format and teacher was awesome (his words, not mine). I’m not up for embalming until the fall, but you better believe I’ll be talking about it when I’m in it. The good thing about this 5 credit thing is that I’ll be able to continue living on campus for Spring ’14, which was going to be an impossibility if the internship was only 3 credits. The minimum credits to stay on campus are 12, and the way I’ve structured my schedule made it so I would be taking my hardest two classes with only one other class to distract me come my last semester. At this point, it’s a pretty good bet I might be living off campus in an apartment anyway, but I’m more than happy to stay on campus if it means I won’t have to commute over THREE DIFFERENT HIGHWAYS to get here on a daily basis.

In more exciting news, THE SEMESTER IS ALMOST OVER. WOO! I’m a pretty good student and I love it here and all that, but I have so much on my plate right now, finals week is going to be a breeze compared to all these papers and power points and various general drama floating around. I’m mentally exhausted from the strain of so many things happening around/to me, and kind of physically exhausted too. I’ve missed my bedtime to get projects done pretty consistently the past week. I’m so looking forward to taking a nice long break, curled up under ten thousand blankets, anxiously awaiting the Doctor Who Christmas Special and cuddling with my dog.

Final note: Talking to Doc today, suggested we use the phrase “WE WILL BURY YOU” as a new mortuary club slogan. “We’re dead serious” is getting kind of tired.

Hope everything is going well for you and yours!



~ by mementomorissa on November 29, 2012.

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